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Heidelberg Darfur Dialogue Outcome Document
Framework Agreement to Resolve the Conflict in Darfur between the Government of Sudan (GOS) and the Justice and Equality Movement Sudan (JEM)
Interim National Constitution of Sudan
Declaration of Principles on the Resolution of the Sudanese Conflict in Darfur, Abuja
Eastern Sudan Peace Agreement (ESPA)
Darfur Peace Agreement (DPA)
Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA)
Abuja Protocol on the Improvement of the Humanitarian Situation in Darfur November 2004
Abuja Protocol on the Enhancement of the Security Situation in Darfur November 2004
Agreement With the Sudanese Parties on the Modalities for the Establishment of a Ceasfire Commission and the Deployment of Observers in Darfur (Addis Ababa Agreement)
Humanitarian Ceasefire Agreement on the Conflict in Darfur
(N'Djamena Agreement)