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October 2013


Sudan Human Rights and Humanitarian Bulletin
15 to 31 October 2013

General Observations

The human rights and humanitarian situation all over Sudan continued to deteriorate during the last two weeks. Insecurity and attacks against civilians continue to forcibly displace in in the armed conflict affected regions. Limited relief operations is aggravating the humanitarian situation, mainly in areas of Sudan affected by armed conflicts, such as Darfur, the Nuba Mountains in Southern and Western Kordofan States and in the Blue Nile State. Abuses of civil and political rights and liberties are on the increase all over the country in a systematic pattern.


A. Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms
    1. Violations of Civil and Political Rights

    Violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms continued unabated during the period under review. The main feature of the on-going violations is their link to the public demonstrations against the austerity measures and price hikes announced by the government on 22 September 2013.The peaceful demonstrations, which became violent on some occasions as angry youth groups and school students turned out in masses, were reported intermittently in major towns of Sudan between 23 September and 15 October 2013.

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 Confirmed Damaged and Destroyed VILLAGES...

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Darfuri Actvisit Hawa Jango flanked by US First Lady Obama and Secretary Clinton, after her decorartion as one of ten brave women of the World, Washington, March 2012  

AUHIP - 4 Years of existence

The African Union High-Level Implementation Panel : Four Years of Existence !

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Dar es Salaam Declaration on Reenergizing the Peace Process in Darfur

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