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November 2013


Sudan Human Rights and Humanitarian Bulletin
16 to 30 November 2013

General Observations

The human rights and humanitarian situation in Sudan continued to deteriorate during the last two weeks. Full-blown war between the army and the insurgent groups in South and West Kordofan States has erupted with major military operations around Dilling and Abukarshola area in South Kordofan. There are reports of scorched-earth tactics being used through aerial bombardment and ground attacks by the army and militiamen targeting habitats, farms and fruit plantations with serious consequences on the safety of civilians thus forcing thousands to become internally displaced persons (IDPs).


A. Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms
    1. Violations of Civil and Political Rights

    Mr. Mohamed Ali Mohamedou A. Sabi, a journalist with Al-Akhbar daily newspaper has been detained incommunicado in a security facility since his arrest in Khartoum on
28 September 2013. The reasons for the continued detention of Mr. Sabi are not clear as all other journalists arrested for their perceived role in the September/October
demonstrations have now been released. On 19 November 2013, the NISS allowed his brother to meet him for a brief period of time in Kober prison where he was relocated for this visit and later taken to an unknown destination. Information emerging after this visit revealed that his health condition is deteriorating rapidly and he could not walk normally.

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 Confirmed Damaged and Destroyed VILLAGES...

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Darfuri Actvisit Hawa Jango flanked by US First Lady Obama and Secretary Clinton, after her decorartion as one of ten brave women of the World, Washington, March 2012  

AUHIP - 4 Years of existence

The African Union High-Level Implementation Panel : Four Years of Existence !

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Dar es Salaam Declaration on Reenergizing the Peace Process in Darfur

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