DRDC - FRONTPAGE - 20170926_Statement2_Attack_against_Kalma_Camp

26 September 2017


Assault against Residents of Kalma Camp Continues


In follow-up of its statement of 22 September 2017 on the attack by Sudan’s security forces against unarmed internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Kalma Camp, South Darfur State, the Darfur Relief and Documentation Centre (DRDC) received further information about the aggravation of the situation and the continued targeting of civilians in the area. The death toll among the civilian victims of the attack, which took place on Friday, 22 September 2017, has now reached 9 casualties as more people died due to bullets injuries sustained during the attack. The number of victims of injuries that currently need medical attention stands at over 30 people, some of them in critical health conditions. DRDC is in possession of the provisional list of the fatalities and injured victims.

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